Meet your crew

Kevin & Elizabeth King

If ever a couple was built for the close-quarters intimacy of full-time cruising, its Kevin and Elizabeth King. These Leopard 50 owners have walked through life side-by-side since infancy. “Elizabeth and I met in church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, when we were about two-years old,” says Kevin. Our families were close. We went to church together, and our fathers eventually became business partners. Elizabeth and I even have the same birthday – day, month, and year.”

After attending the University of Arkansas and working for their families’ telecom company, the energetic, ambitious couple decided to go into business for themselves. They did so in their usual way, together and full throttle. “In 2005, we decided to start our own real estate brokerage,” says Kevin. It took off like mad. With Elizabeth’s marketing skills and my sales and recruiting experience, everything just exploded. We became the number one volume real estate office in our region in just our third year.”

Of course, that success came with a price. As much as they loved their work, Kevin and Elizabeth knew they needed both a way to occasionally escape the demands of entrprenuership and plan for their long-term future, i.e., retirement.

As it turns out, there was a one-word answer for both: SAILING.

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“Elizabeth came up with the idea to go sailing. She found a crewed charter in the BVI, and we went and absolutely loved it. “

Learning the Ropes

Kevin, who never goes along for the ride, spent much of that first cruise learning the basics of sailing from the crew. Over the next few years, the Kings immersed themselves in their new passion. They took ASA courses and went on more bareboat charters. Kevin even volunteered to crew on passages delivering boats from as far South as Grenada all the way to Rhode Island.

The couple was pleasantly surprised by the welcome and support they received from their fellow cruisers. “The sailing community is made up of a lot of good, caring people,” Says Kevin. “They’re like-minded. They enjoy sailing, obviously, but they also enjoy the sense of community and helping others. It’s amazing how quickly you can make friends even during a pandemic.”

In 2019, the Kings put their seamanship to a life-changing test. They successfully crossed the Atlantic via the Azores with their youngest child, Caroline, on a friends Leopard 45. The trip sealed their decision to go full-time and validated their 2018 decision to purchase a Leopard 50.