What to expect

While we have enjoyed the beauty and adventure of crossing an ocean, we won’t be sailing all day long.

Imagine seeing the islands from a boat… a different anchorage every day, snorkeling right off the boat, taking a paddle board for a morning ride. We are primarily chartering in the US Virgin Islands based out of St. Thomas (STT) from November to June. Because of hurricane season and insurance, we have to move the boat out of the hurricane zone by coming back to the states or going south to Grenada. This sometimes provides opportunities to charter in other locations as we are moving the boat to places like the Bahamas or around Charleston or even St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Contact us to find out more about our travel schedule and what may be possible for your dream vacation.

Many people hesitate at the chance to experience a “sailing vacation” because of the fear of sea sickness. While there is a chance to experience some wave action and feel the rolling motion of the sea, in most cases we won’t sail more than 2-3 hours per day and evenings aboard will be spent at a marina, on anchor or tied to a mooring ball. These protected anchorages help block the wind and waves to make for a more calm sleeping situation. Our goal is always to provide as much comfort as possible. If you are prone to seasickness don’t hesitate to take something for it like Dramamine or a use scopalamine patch. It’s usually even better to have medications in your system 12-24 hours before experiencing any motion stimulus (leaving port). Be sure to let the captain or someone else know if you’ feeling bad, so you can sit in the best spot to see the horizon and don’t go below if you’re feeling queasy.

This isn’t like staying in a hotel, but it isn’t quite camping either. It’s just a little different.

Plan on nothing dressier than casual and heels no higher than “tennis shoes”. You really don’t need jewelry, resort wear or “bling” to vacation with us. This is a time to get away from all that. If there is a restaurant in the area or a local yacht club that we will be patronizing, we will let you know before you start packing; otherwise, leave the hair gel, the curling and flat irons and the glam at home.

Power and water can be valuable commodities on a boat and while we have the ability to recharge the batteries from solar panels and the water maker (desalinator) can make drinkable water out of ocean water, we still asks guests to be frugal with both as it takes time and energy and additional maintenance to continually replenish. Essentially it just means to pay attention to your usage… don’t overcharge devices unnecessarily and ask before powering any high wattage devices like a curling iron or flat iron.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and you’ll be the captain’s best friend. If you leave the shower running for 30 minutes like our kids do at home and you’ll be the only one getting a shower until the water maker has time to replenish the tanks. Unfortunately the ability to run the water maker also depends on the quality and clarity of the surrounding water as well. So, a “Navy” shower will keep all the guests happy!

It’s also important to mention the need to pack your luggage in a soft sided duffel bag. You’ll want to unpack and put the bag away. If you pack in a large hard sided suitcase…you’ll most likely end up sleeping with it.

Most boat owners despise shoes on board as they scratch the surface of the fiberglass and teak decking and generally contribute to a dirtier boat. Don’t be offended when asked to take off your shoes. Embrace it, you’re in the islands now.

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