Our Story

How it all started

So, we are told (by our parents) that we met around the age of two in the nursery at the  First Baptist Church of Fort Smith, AR. The story goes that my dad, Wayne King, was a deacon at FBC and responsible for following up with visitors to the church of which Elizabeth’s mom and dad, Mylene & Larry, were relocating to Fort Smith as a new Ophthalmologist in the area. Wayne and Larry hit it off and became fast friends and even business partners in several business ventures… some VERY successful and some…not-so-much…

As the years went by… we celebrated birthdays together as we realized that WE ACTUALLY HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!! DAY-MONTH-YEAR (February 20th, 1972) but I am at least two hours older than Elizabeth, based on the birth certificates, and clearly more mature… 😊

Although we went to rival, cross town high schools, we stayed in touch through our church and were commonly the only two there on a regular basis so it made sense that we stayed close friends.

Funny enough, Elizabeth was the Student Council President at Northside High School at the same time I was Student Council President at Southside High School.

We both loved our high school experience but ended up attending Baylor University as Freshmen and even though I made Yell Leader and was a member of the Freshman Leadership Oganization (FLO), I decided to transfer during the summer of 1991 to Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) and although it’s a great school it was difficult to attend a school with only 1400 students after attending Baylor which had approximately 14,000 at the time.

Guess what?!

Elizabeth decided to transfer too from Baylor to University of Arkansas at the same time I did! We were reunited …again! Spring semester of 1992 we were officially Arkansas Razorbacks!


So, while living in Fayetteville, Arkansas attending University, I decided to work…and work hard I did. I got on with my cousin Carey working in construction building a “TCBY” in Bentonville, AR for Patriot Construction and during the same time frame I was hired on as a waiter with Kirby’s Restaurant in Fayetteville, AR eventually becoming an assistant manager. Shortly thereafter, I finished my pilots license and began work as a pilot and satellite technician for subcontractor of Electronic Data System (EDS, Ross Perot’s Company) which helped GM dealerships upload and download their parts through the EDS satellite system. So, at the age of 20, I got to fly around a 3 state area fixing the upload/download systems for GM dealerships.

In 1998, we moved back to Fort Smith to assist with the family business, Internet Partners of America (IPA.net). We had a great experience growing the company to over 80+ points of presence (POP’s) across Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri helping clients get on the internet for the first time. In the early 2000’s we were part of an IPO roll-up with OneMain.com that was soon after bought by Earthlink/Mindspring.

Shortly after outliving the severance package from Earthlink we reformed a new venture called NewRoads Telecom which has since merged with Pinnacle Telecom. In February of 2002, Kevin and Elizabeth began purchasing their first rental property shortly after reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. In August of 2002 Kevin began his real estate career and they never looked back.

Starting their own company, King Realty Group, in 2005 and became the highest volume company in the market their 3rd year in business. In 2011 they made the decision to franchise with Weichert Realtors out of Morris Plains, NJ and continued growing the company and the rentals until they reached approx. 35 agents and 150 rentals. In January of 2018, Kevin and Elizabeth sold their Real Estate Brokerage business to Weichert Realtors – The Griffin Company, a large sister franchise in Northwest Arkansas and continued as the managing broker.

Where we are

In February of 2018, Kevin and Elizabeth stepped aboard their dream boat at the Miami Boat Show and signed the papers for their brand new Robertson & Caine Leopard 50 to be built in Cape Town, South Africa. In December of 2018, Kevin completed his requirements for his USCG OUPV Captains License in preparation for future chartering aboard his own boat “Southern Charm”.

In May/June of 2019, Kevin, Elizabeth and their youngest daughter sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a 45’ Sailing Catamaran via Tortola, BVI – Bermuda – Azores –  Lagos, Portugal.

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